EMBO World Programme:






EMBO Workshop on
Proteomics and Human Diseases

September 13 to 26, 2004
Wuhan, China

organized by

Wolfgang Hennig, EMBO and Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences

in cooperation with


 Wuhan Institute of Virology        Tongji Medical College

Chinese Academy of Sciences       Huazhong University of

                                                 Science and Technology


Application deadline: April 1, 2004



Inquiries to:

Dr. Wolfgang Hennig, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences,
Chinese Academy of Sciences, 320 Yue Yang Road, Shanghai 200031
   Contact: Click here


Dr. Shi Zengli,  Wuhan Institute of Virology, CAS                        Dr. Wang Ximing, Institute of Molecular Biology
44 Xiao Hong Shan Lu,  Wuhan, Hubei 4300071,                                          No. 13 Hangkong Road, Wuhan 4300030,

              zlshi@pentium.whiov.ac.cn                                                                                 biocwx@mails.tjmu.edu.cn           

Preliminary Programme:

1. Viral Proteins and Human diseases 
2. Protein networks
3. Protein functions: Analysis of protein interactions  
4. Proteomics: Techniques (practical part)
5. Microscopy (practical part)
6. DNA and protein microarrays (practical part)



Teaching staff: Dr. Michèle Bouloy (Paris/France), Dr. Peter Ghazal (Edinburgh/Scotland), Dr. Andre Schrattenholz (Mainz/Germany), Dr. Peter Uetz (Karlsruhe/Germany), Dr. Dr. J.A, Alten (Amsterdam/The Netherlands), Dr. J. Leal (Cambridge/UK), Dr. Wolfgang Gundlach (Oberkochen/Germany),  Dr. Peter Schuessler (Hilden/Germany)

The program includes theoretical lectures (1st week) and a laboratory course (2nd week)

The EMBO course is free of charge but we request a deposit of 500 Yuan which will be refunded after the course, for international appication 200 Euro. If applicants admitted to the course do not participate, no refund will be made. Applications must contain a complete Curriculum Vitae, a description of the work and of the position of the applicant and a substantiated motivation for the interest in the course as well as the deposit. Decisions will be made in April and communicated early in May. Participants must declare in their application that they will join the course full time and supply a valid mail address AND an email address for receiving materials before the course.

No support can be provided for travel expenses. Accommodation in Wuhan will be offered in the Guest House of the University of Wuhan at a price below 100 Yuan for a room shared by two persons.  

Admission is limited to 20 applicants. We shall select with special attention to the possibility of including participants from different parts of the country, i.e. we shall usually not accept several participants from the same institute.

updated: 24 January 2004